Shawnn Morris Slaughter is a multi-talented performer, actor, singer, dancer, comic, songwriter, television producer, recording and visual artist.  He resides in Las Vegas, Nevada and is very proud of being a native-born and raised, second-generation, Las Vegan.

 Acting since the age of ten, Slaughter’s stage credits include Rolf in “The Sound of Music,” as well as productions of “Gypsy,” “Annie,” and one of his favorites, chubby chaser Claude Perkins, in Terrance McNally's, “The Ritz.” Slaughter was a performer in two long running comedy reviews, “Bottoms Up” and “Sex Over 40” He has also performed stand up comedy in the "Un-Cab Lab Show" at the M Bar in Hollywood, California. 

Slaughter currently appears in the long-running hit Las Vegas Strip production, Sirc Michaels,” Evil Dead the Musical” at Planet Hollywood. Performing in the roles of The Voice of Professor Raymond Knowby, a Rapist Tree, Fake Shemp, Swing/Understudy for Ed and the official "Evil Dead the Musical Las Vegas" photographer, Don, as well as a zombie (referred to as Deadites in the show) named, Doris Dead, which he created and developed exclusively for the Las Vegas production. He has been a part of the cast for the past four years since the Las Vegas Premier at the Onyx Theater in October 2011. The show has been running on the Las Vegas Strip now for three years. For his performance in “Evil Dead the Musical,” Slaughter received a nomination for Best Featured Actor in a Musical for the 2013 Broadway World Awards Las Vegas.

Slaughter has appeared in feature and short films. On camera, he played the Bitten Stranger in the zombie horror short, “No More Help,” and appears in the role of the Cop, in the  feature film, “Red Herring.” He was also an Associate Producer and Featured Cast Member in the sketch comedy television pilot, “Flock of Meese.” 

Slaughter he has previously run 10 marathons. Three of them he trained with the National AIDS Marathon Training Program, now Team to End AIDS, for the San Francisco Marathon in 2006, the Los Angels Marathon in 2008 and again in San Francisco in 2010, raising close to $10,000 for APLA.

 In August of 1985, Slaughter was diagnosed with HTLV-3 and in 1987, was reclassified as having Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), when the term was first created and put into use. In 1995, he was given an AIDS diagnosis. In the past, Slaughter has worked as a professional HIV/AIDS speaker.

In addition to being an ordained minister and legal wedding officiate in the state of Nevada, other odd facts about Slaughter are that he has lived all his life with Musical Ear Syndrome (MES), a condition where he hears phantom musical, choral and other sounds of a non-psychiatric nature, which is a very rare phenomenon in people with normal hearing and auditory reception. He is also diagnosed with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder, specifically, Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (PDD/NOS) which is akin to but not exactly like Asperger’s Syndrome but more highly and acutely functioning than most individuals living across the autistic Spectrum.