Going the Distance, Part 3
As the Los Angeles Marathon nears, The Advocate's resident marathoner is experiencing the onset of injury and fatigue.

Articles written by Shawnn

Going the Distance, Part 5
After months oftraining for the Los Angeles marathon, Shawnn Slaughter
crosses the finish line and realizes a new level of

While training for the 2008 Los Angeles Marathon, Shawnn wrote a series of articles about marathon training for the online magazine, Advocate.com

Going the Distance
The Advocate's new resident marathoner shares the intricacies and the joys of training for the Los Angeles Marathon (his fourth!) as an HIV positive man.

Going the Distance, part 2
The second
installment by The Advocate's resident marathoner, Shawnn Slaughter,
details the oddities and exhilarations of running a half marathon on the Las Vegas Strip.

Going the Distance, Part 4
As training winds down for The Advocate's resident marathoner, he catches a second wind that pushes him closer to the finish line.